Be nice.

It’s not very hard to be nice to people. It takes less effort to just be a genuinely decent person than it does to be angry all of the time. Yet, there seems to be a trend of people being rude and nasty to one another. One of our drivers, Bruce, was complimented on his …

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The Key to Success

There is a common misconception that successful people are successful because they possess a special skill or gift that helped them get that way. This is not true and it can make the average hard-working person feel like they will never get where they want to in life because they don’t have that special thing. …

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Staying Fit at Work

At Global Transport, Inc., we’re huge advocates of living a healthy life. Our safety director doubles as a driver a couple days a week and maps out his days by including a run during his break or finding out where the nearest Planet Fitness is ($11 a month gets you a national membership AND you …

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