Active Duty and Life at Global Transport

I was gone for my mandatory annual training that I am tasked with doing every year while enlisted in the military. Typically, this is a 2-week stint. However, our mission this year was unique, so I was forced to be on the road for 3 weeks. Our mission was to leave Iowa City, IA head to NC and pick up cargo and then take it over to Nevada. Upon completion, we were to head back to Iowa City, IA. The plan was for me to help Charity (my wife and co-worker) work from the road as much as possible without really knowing what to expect and how things would work out. With the technology we have been provided, I was able to work remotely right off my iPad, cell phone and mobile hot spot. I will admit all the noise in the truck made things difficult so I tried to stay off the phone as much as possible, but at the same time making up for it by working twice as hard through email and text. By no means was it a perfect science. However, after I made it back home and we had a chance to discuss how things went, over all we were both extremely surprised with how much easier it was with being out to still be able to help Charity out remotely.

This job truly does allow us the flexibility to maintain our workflow regardless of what unforeseen circumstances might come up. I can attest to this furthermore because while I was away my 1-year old daughter also got sick and was hospitalized; which forced Charity to work from a hospital room.

We also are finishing up our best week to date with this same child sick again at home this entire week. If you want it bad enough, the tools that Global Transport provides are there to make sure you are able to still get the job done: regardless of the circumstance.

Shawn Schaper
Logistics Manager
Global Transport, Inc. (National Solutions Office)