Focus on the Customer

This month of December is always extra tumultuous in the trucking business.

The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are always a challenge. More freight to move.

Shorter times to do it. Fewer drivers wanting to be away from home.

This year we’ve added a significant new set of regulations that has everyone scrambling to find a way to do everything necessary.

Our answer to this is to do what we’ve always done. FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER.

As a broker we have 2 primary customers. Those who provide freight. Those who provide trucks.

We have found if we listen to what those two groups need, we will succeed. It is hard

to remember this lesson when things get super hectic, but it is exactly what is needed.

So while many are racing around trying to invent a new way to do what they’ve always

done, we’ll be hard at work listening to our customers and helping them find solutions.

Merry Christmas, everybody!

A note from our President, Victor Kaiser