We are currently looking to partner with Freight Brokers/Agents.

We are looking for remote freight brokers/agents with their own book of freight and at least 2 years of experience. Your book is just that: yours, and we intend to keep it that way. You'll never be asked to sign a non-compete with us.

We offer competitive pay, back end support, and we can provide guaranteed salary for your first few months. Our goal is to ensure that you are successful.

We can have you up and running in your very own office in under a week. We offer you as much or as little management as you want. You will truly be your own boss.

If this is something you're interested in but you're not 100% certain, we will connect you with one of our agent offices and you can talk to some of our other partners. If you just want to discuss your options, we are available for a call, Skype meeting, or even just an email.

  • Call us at: 888-51-GLOBAL

  • Email us: Agents@GlobalTransportInc.com

Send us a direct message to set an appointment to talk on Skype.